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Sauna Sweat Suit

Sauna Sweat Suit

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Sauna Sweat Suit is used to shape your body while burning excessive water weight , persevere body heat and stimulate sweat. Stylish and great for daily activities or working out. Neoprene thermal material with amazing stretch and mesh breathable underarm and crotch area.


**You will need to measure Underbust (under breast) , Waistline (around belly button) & Hipline (measure around the fullest part of your hips)


Size Description:


Waist 24-26in , Hipline 32-34in , Bust 25-27in


Waist 27-29in , Hipline 35-37in , Bust 28-30in


Waist 30-32in , Hipline 38-40in , Bust 31-33in


Waist 33-35in , Hipline 41-43in , Bust 34-36in


Waist 36-38in , Hipline 44-46in , Bust 37-39in