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Waist Trimmer Vest

Waist Trimmer Vest

Regular price $89.99

Get your Waist Trimmer Vest and Meal Plan bundle today at a discounted rate and receive your meal plan of choice via email.

 If you’re looking for a Waist Trimmer with more back support, then the Waist Trimmer Vest would be great for you! The Waist Trimmer Vest will cover your entire back, helping slim down your upper and lower back.

KeveBeeFitness Waist Trimmer Vest🐝

  • It will instantly shape your body and give you an hourglass figure

  • Instantly reduce 1-4 inches in waistline

  • 100% latex , 96% cotton, 4% spandex

  • No steel bone

  • Helps with weight loss, waist sculpting, and shaping

  • Full midsection & back coverages

  • Supports back and improves posture

  • Post-pregnancy restoration

  • Can be worn under or over clothing

  • Double compression waist training

*Hand wash with soap & warm water then AIR DRY.